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We, the Conquerors and Conquered

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In the subdued halls of academia the very word “conquering” disquiets the self-important intelligentsia. While ultimately the greatest recipients of such efforts, modern scholars remain disconnected from the concept. It is the opinion of the author that conquering is the state of civilizing which has gained and actively sustains modern life. Thusly, conquering is no longer the domain of empires, kingdoms, or nations but memetic, transcending time and space.

To fundamentally understand conquering one needs merely acknowledge the unassailable, synonymous nature of the ideas of conquering and civilization. Civilization justifies conquering firstly by sheer power of will- if it were not destined to conquer then it would have never been able to. Equally incontrovertible, conquering defends civilization with the weakness of the conquered. Conquering is justified by the greatness of civilization and civilization is justified by the swiftness of conquering. Together they are self-referential and validating.[David Munk, “Military”]

When understood with such metaphysical terms it is then natural to view all of human history as a cosmic struggle between order and chaos. Order is repeatedly applied when competing civilizations conquer each other. Despite brief periods of unrest and the occasional counter-cultural movement every inch of this chaotic planet has been divided amongst victors, who in turn provide the most basic and essential form of personal order, identity within the system. [Kabeia] Even if it is as a pathetic peasant, an apathetic citizen or haughty noble this gift endows all with the ability to impose order on the frontiers and civilize nature or to strengthen or upending the existing social order. In this sense, each individual acts as a carrier of the current conquering ideals, ethics, collective cultural knowledge. No matter what is decided, one is either propagating or improving civilization.

It is noted with irony, that in essence despite any honors of privilege, personality or physical traits- all exist simultaneously as conquerors and the conquered. All exist as products of, in the active state of, and justifying conquering. If one is satisfied, what has been done thus far is validated. If one is unsatisfied then civilization may be due for an update, that if successful will conquer the rest of the world. Each wight is swept up validating the wave of the zeitgeist or provoking change as a “Great Man.”[David Munk “Leadership”] This leads the other to conclude that regardless of the relentless sacrifice of entire families, cities, and nations it is the oft abandoned individual who exists as the grand epitome of conquering. All who have emerged victorious from the seemingly chaotic stew of civilization are tainted and cursed with the noble burden of its maintenance.

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