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Death to the Intelligentsia

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When you major in journalism your aren't taught more rigorous methods of research than your academic peers because you produce nothing of value as you report on the people who are actually doing things. All that you learn is how to better craft a narrative, how to remove context, inject agenda, and package it neatly with "content creation"; all the while claiming unassailable intellectual and moral superiority. And despite how transparently bereft the industry is of both we must all suffer the unholy union of Journalism and Academia- perpetuating an eternal feedback loop of soft science "experts" catering to journalist yes-men reinforcing the partisan predilections of hard science specialists. Their work can be interpreted properly by the experts and then processed again for breathless distribution by the yes-men; and so the cycle continues forever and ever ensnaring more and more academics by virtue of the self-referential nature of this intellectual incest and easily fooling the public who are reassured by the critical mass of collaboration that we reached long ago. This is the Journo-Academic Complex and this needs to die.