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From Georgia to Honduras: Privatized Cities

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Sometimes the generation divide bums me out, I wish I could be friends with Oliver Porter just because of his work with the Sandy Springs Public Private Partnership, but alas I can't seem to find him. 

If you haven't seen it, Reason has an oldie but goldie about Sandy Springs "The Town That Outsourced Everything" to CH2M Hill who was able to provide all the municipal services to the new town for half the price.

Currently, Mr. Porter's new project is a private city called Próspera in Honduras's Zones of Economic Development and Employment

"For now, Próspera is physically small, starting with 60 undeveloped and unpopulated acres, plus another small parcel nearby, though it is attempting to acquire much more land, including a nearby resort.

Investors will make money through the built-out of the mixed-use city. Porter said there are about 60 commitments for single-family homes, and highrise apartments and condominiums are planned as well. A university and a medical clinic have committed to joining the project, he said. The concept is to expand on the business side with “clean industries” like medical research, finance and technology, he said."

It sounds like there's serious interest and backing and I'm excited to see the development of a city-state under the experienced direction of a veteran.