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The Widow's Might

2 min read

I follow a widow on Twitter whom I have never met in real life but we're friends with all the same people online. I was there when she lost her husband and our community rallied around her. Recently she's been posting tender memories of her marriage as her anniversary approaches and it breaks my heart every time I see it.

Knowledge of life after death and the Plan of Salvation is comforting but never let it be said that we stop missing our loved ones. Watching a family quake with the loss of a father, husband, and best friend is sobering and I hope that this woman can find the peace she so dearly deserves.

Why would I feel the need to comment on all this? Because loss as an event, even when experienced in this digital age, is torturous yet cathartic, unsettling yet reassuring.

Sure I can say we really don't know each other but I do find myself caring unconditionally for her and her family. I guess I'm just gratefully that as I witness her strength and grace it gives me some confidence that I might be able to do the same. Or with more relevance, that I too might find love so strong. It is a loving God that would allow such tender mercies to accompany grief.