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Jumper + Push
Wanted + John Wick + Hotel Artemis
Pay me Hollywood


I just want my most recent ex not to be one I regret. I have too many of those and it would be a big win for me not to cringe about how I let hormones justify dating a crazy person. Like wigs, really? Come on Brock.


I always say you shouldn't put too much faith in dating advice from people who are single and yet some of the most emotionally vulnerable people I know keep looking out for me. I bailed on a big day with friends and immediately people reached out and asked what was wrong. I am both grateful and resentful that I can be read so easily. And I'm not sure a day did the trick. Might need a week or two.


This blog was supposed to be my journal but the fact that I can get deplatformed for politics or shamed for my religion does little to assure me that I should ever lift my voice again. I can't even hear myself think unless I drown out everything with videos or music. And by then the numbness replaces the desire to speak. This isn't a call for help this is just me standing over my own body taking notes.


Electrochromatic Glass, or Smart Glass, has been around forever and the fact that I can't pinpoint the exact date is driving me nuts. Anyways let's just stop pretending it's so novel and normalize it.


We should all be concerned with how comfortable the Justice system has become with the Court of Public Opinion. It's manned by kangaroos and there are no appeals.


We're all guilty of it at some point but "Correlation Doesn't Equal Causation" and all of its variants is one of those annoying smart sounding things dumb people say all time. It indicates you've been on the internet for the same amount of time as a boomer but not long enough to know how cringe the meme has become.


Sometimes I just add people on FB because I want to see how far I can go. So far I've added major editors and writers for conservative and Libertarian publications. Am I networking right?


Took a big hit today. I've been needing a win for a while now and I think convinced myself I was entitled to one; So in the end I really have no one else to blame but myself. I'm not going to lie, this really hurts and knowing that I can't direct my frustration anywhere else but inward just feeds into the whole destructive cycle. Writing about it feels like it should be more cathartic but the more and more I think about thinking about it the more it seems like this is merely a placebo. Way to go Brock.


You know what? Forget girls. I'm just baby hungry. I need a baby to hold and kiss.