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Us vs Them Metrics

1 min read

Rhetoric is not a two sided blade, it does not cut both ways. It is a gun and it can be pointed at yourself or someone else but never both of you at the same time. As a political operative you are not a philosopher or rootless truth seeker. You are a samurai, a knight.

Your loyalty is to the fortress, the clan, your faction.

The enemy is monolithic.

You are subtle and nuanced.

 To forget that is to fail.


Movements vs Organizations

1 min read

Intentionally or not, almost all organizations shield themselves with movements. It is the goal of the political operative to deflect any crimes committed by their faction to the nebulous while attacking the corporeal center of the opposition. Few will admit this and the tactic cannot be confronted directly unless one is willing to do the tedious work of calculating the size of the movement, leadership, and their respective offenses. Until that happens those engaged in the culture battles must trust that their opponent still has boats to sink in this eternal game of Battleship.